Responsibility for one’s actions

In another forum, I’m involved in a topic about male parental responsibility.  In this forum, there are actually males who seem to think that since they don’t want children, if a child is born as a result of their fucking, they aren’t obligated to support that child.

No shit.

I’m dead serious.  These fucking guys think they get a free pass if they knock up some woman.  Some are actually suggesting that since a woman has a choice to abort, if she doesn’t do so, the baby is all her problem.

There’s a few things going on with this effect.  First and foremost is the childish inability to accept responsibility for one’s own actions.  Also in the mix is their demonstrated misogyny.

Earlier I referred to these guys as males, instead of referring to them as men.  That was no accidental turn of phrase.  I didn’t choose that word accidentally.  To be called a man is a title that goes beyond merely being male.  It is an earned title.  To some, it seems.  Others seem to come by the title much more cheaply than most.

Here’s the rundown:  If you are male, and you have your garden variety vaginal sex with a female, there is a non zero chance that happy fun time will result in a baby being born.  You, the male, have no input to that process after you donate the sperm for it, until a child is born.  Maybe she’ll have an abortion, maybe she won’t.  Maybe the pregnancy will result in a healthy child, maybe it won’t.  Regardless, if the happy fun time fucking ends up with a new human, both of its parents are obligated to support it until adulthood.

Did you see the period at the end of that paragraph?  That’s it.  The end.  There are no further arguments, no justifications, no what-ifs.  Period.


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