A new domain

So, I start again, with a different domain.

I recently deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts, they were taking too much of my time, they were loaded with advertising, and the signal to noise ratio was nearly unity.  Here, on the other hand, I will say whatever in hell I want, and it’s me who says what does and doesn’t go around these parts.

Commenters, you want to pay attention to this part:  I’m not posting a lengthy set of rules.  If I think you’re being a dick to me or another commenter, you are gone.  The first time, and forever.  If I see an unsupported assertion, you are gone.  The first time, and forever.

What does that mean?  Don’t be a dick.  Don’t make claims you can’t support with evidence.

You can have whatever opinion you want, and that’s fine.  But, the moment you form your opinion into an assertion without support, you are gone.  I bet you understand by now when and for how long.

I have no tolerance for the sort of shit that drove me away from mainstream social media.  Try it here, and I will end you.

Any questions?


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